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Aaaand this is my little Club Penguin corner! I'll probably write about CPPS for now (also I have to think of a way to make this section more organized)

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after the beta

May 9th - 21 hs
So the island is back to as it usually is, and the only new thing is the new catalogue! It's medieval party themed, and it has a few secrets you might want to check out (tonight I don't feel like taking screenshots, I had a tiresome day :/). The new pin is at the Book Room!

Regarding to this site, I figured that if I want to make posts as if this was a blog then I'd need more space than the free 1GB that Neocities offers. I can't afford being a supporter, so I might have to move all the blog stuff to Wordpress. Yeah, I should have know this sooner, I just started this thing as a hobby though so I won't beat myself up for mistakes and such.
So, if the blogging stuff goes to Wordpress, then what would I do with this section that I already have here? Maybe I could move everything CLub Penguin related to Wordpress, and leave stuff that doesn't require a lot of space (like... I have no idea, lol) here. So for now this Neocities site will remain as a site for me to test what I learn about webdev, yup. I'll have to set a WP blog up then!
This is all for now, see y'all!

beta party final moments!

So the Beta has officially come to an end., and the Town was FULL! Like, look:

Everyone was saying their good-bye's, and someone thought the game was shutting down too XD
I think I'm taking a liking for writing about the game's updates, sure, no one may read this site, but at least I have something to do when I'm bored!
Aaaand that's all, by the way there was no Penguin Style Beta 3 in case you were wondering (and I got to buy most of the items I wanted to buy!). See ya!
Also shout-out to Catt (Catt7770 on Youtube) for the livestream they did before the party ended. It was fun! :D

club penguin legacy beta party.......2!!

7th May - 23 hs
So, we meet again! Just wanted to update on this party real quick.
This party lasts three days, and I thought nothing (as in decorations and catalogues) would change during that time, but I was wrong! Only about the catalogue part, though.
Yup, the Gift Shop catalogue changed and there is a lot of new items to buy! Here are a few screenshots (secret items included!)

This is the cover, and after opening it you can read a note.

And here are the secret items!

Phew! And that's all of them! There are other clothes in the next pages that are worth checking out but they dont have any secret items. Wish I could have taken a screenshot of the first Beta catalogue but it was too buggy for me to open it again, fortunately this catalogue was better.
I also went to the dock to see if something changed there too, and apparently the answer is yes? I mean, there were two Penguin Bands...

There's both their NPCs and their avatars! Franky was missing tho (so I replaced him hehe! jk), and both Petey and Bob didn't have their hats on.
After a few seconds, G Billy and Bob disappeared and it was only me and Petey, so I clicked him to see his playercard.

He has the Penguin Band background, no hat on, only a guitar. I tried to befriend him and see if he accepted.

And he did! Now we're friends :] i also visited his igloo just to see how it looks like but it was just the default igloo without any furniture
Aaaand this is all I have to share, by the way the Penguin Band has been playing "I've been delayed" since yesterday. It's kind of a weird song at first but you end up taking a liking to it :]

club penguin legacy beta party

6th May - 21 hs
I joined this CPPS about twelve days ago, and I liked it since the very first moment I joined the town! It may have a small playerbase and there isn't a lot of content avaiable like in other cppses, but the people is what makes the game fun!
So, the beta party started today, May 6th, and the server has more people than usual!!

I thought it was only gonna be a decorated room and the hat, but the CPL team added a few more things to the party. That includes a pin, beta hat t-shirts, a beta catalogue, and a background! And, of course, I'll show you where all of those things are.
First off, the new pin is in the Lounge. Can't believe I couldn't find it on my own smh :/

In this party, the Town isn't the only room with decorations, the Dock also has a few things worth seeing!

Yup! The Penguin Band is here (as npcs) and if you get close to them, you can get their background! And a bit more to the left, there's a box full of t-shirts with the beta hat in them, so if I were you I'd grab one before the party ends (asap)

As the name suggests, this catalogue will probably last during the beta party. It's a bit buggy though, as I tried to click on it but nothing really happened (and I could also access to the placeholder catalogue before this party, just click the changing rooms and you can access to it)
Anyways sooo... This is all I have to share! I hope to see this CPPS grow with time, the community is mostly pretty fun!

See ya!

btw....this is my playercard !!